like a swarm of locusts....
The Royal Kinetic Madness Band 
lives for three days a year, only to immediately disband 
and reform the following year. 

The band is the (self-appointed)
official band of the Kinetic Grand Championship

“For the Glory 
...and the madness”™

about the madness band Q How often do you guys practice?

A Practice What? 
Why, do we we sound like we need to?
Q Do you guys do other Kinetic Races?

A Surprisingly, we’ve been asked to do a few others.
But we’re still waiting for the appropriate bribe. Hint Hint.
“will work for beer”
Q Where are you guys from?

A Many of us are community members from the Humboldt county area. Several others travel up from the rest of the state just for the madness! Q Are you guys the Marching Lumberjacks?

A NO!  But we think they rock. 
It is true however, that several of our members are indeed Marching Lumberjacks Alumnus. We also have members of the Crab Grass Band who we let play with us too.
Q what about weddings and Bar Mitzvahs?

A sure! Q What does it cost to hire the band?

A How much you got?
mine was tuned at the factory will work for beer we are omnipresent! what, a band? free food! two kegs. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

A Practice? 
Why, do we we sound like we need to?
Q Royal?

A Yes! The Rutabega Queen and her court appointed us as the Royal Kinetic Madness Band several years ago.